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Singapore Vinga International

Rules & Regulations

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Students have to keep in constant contact with respective guardians and follow the rules stated below:

1. Deposit of one month rental fee to be paid at the beginning of a rental term.(deposit is refundable upon completion of contract.)
2. Deposit could not be used as rental fee under any circumstance.
3. Should any damage to rooms or furniture be found at the beginning of a rental term, tenant is responsible for reporting these damages to the management.
4. Before the completion of contract, a one month written notice has to be given by the party, who wishes to terminate the contract early.
5. Students with large sum of cash should surrender it to the management of the hostel until students pass is granted. Vinga is not responsible for any loss of cash within the hostel territory.
6. Smoking, Alcoholic drinks and Gambling is prohibited within the hostel. Warnings will be given to offenders. Vinga has the right to terminate offenders' contract before completion. Deposit is non-refundable.
7. Cohabitation is not allowed. Offenders’ contract will be terminated immediately . Deposit is non-refundable.
8. For safety reasons, no cooking is allowed in hostel.
9. For safety reasons, outsiders are not allowed to stay overnight in hostel.
10. Students are not allowed to rent rooms to 3rd party personnel. No transfer of rental fee.
11. Tenants are not allowed to be naked in the hostel.
12. Tenants are responsible for locking doors to their respective rooms before they leave. Management keeps keys to each room for backup purpose.
13. To be considerate, tenants are obliged to switch off lights and other electric alliances when they are not in use.
14. Tenants should compensate the damages to rooms and furniture
15. Usage of high-powered electric appliances is prohibited.
16. Tenants are obliged to save water and electricity.
17. Tenants should return to hostel before 8 o’clock during weekdays and 10 o’clock in weekends.
18. Instructions and guidance from the management are to be followed.


Singapore Vinga International Students' Hostel
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